During the pastorship of Father Thomas Regan OSB our parish choir flourished.  Vocations flourished too during this period.

Here’s an extract from an article published by Nick Gale, the then organsit at Southwark R.C. cathedral:

I’d like to tell you about an ordinary parish in an ordinary town with an ordinary priest and an ordinary congregation. The Church in question is Our Ladye and St Michael, Abergavenny. Abergavenny is a small market town in rural Wales, near the border with England. It has a population of around 14,500 and its Catholic Church is Grade II Listed (a British system of ensuring buildings of note are preserved and not tampered with). The town, which has a Catholic minority, is served by a monk of Belmont, Dom Thomas Regan, a Welshman, and the Church has a digital organ, a self-trained organist and an amateur choir drawn from the local population. Sounds remarkably ordinary doesn’t it?

However, this ordinary priest is actually a visionary man. Wherever Dom Thomas has served as a priest, he has left behind a legacy; of increased Mass attendance, of brand new churches built, of new church centres and halls funded and constructed, of schemes for local youth and for the elderly, of a deeper understanding of the faith, of excellent catechesis, of happier faithful and of excellent liturgy.

A typical Mass at Abergavenny involves a small-scale choral liturgy (the choir will sing a motet or a simple SATB Kyrie), Gregorian Chant, good, stable, quality hymnody in English, Latin (and Welsh!), fine vestments, a beautifully looked-after church, attention to every possible detail. Dom Thomas celebrates a Low Mass in the Usus Antiquior every Friday evening, and a regular Missa Cantata or even a Solemn High Mass on a frequent basis. Every so often the main Sunday Mass (Novus Ordo English/Latin) is replaced by a Solemn High Mass in the Usus Antiquior, with all propers provided by the amateur choir and all parts of the Ordinary sung by the faithful with a gusto that only the Welsh can deliver! The people don’t just accept this, they adore it! The Church is full, the faithful are happy and supportive, safe in the knowledge that they have a priest and musicians who serve them in the best possible way. The Sacred Liturgy is performed and prayed in the most solemn, dignified and prayerful way, and the choir is the envy of every ordinary parish in the UK, thanks to Dom Thomas, his faithful, dedicated and enthusiastic organist, Gwyn, and the loyal members of the Choir.

When I visit this beautiful town to see Thomas (who received me into the Church at Belmont Abbey when I was 18), I am always struck by how good everything is. I am also slightly saddened, and ask the question “If they can achieve all this here, then why not everywhere?” This is indeed an ordinary parish in an ordinary town, but what has been achieved is (sadly in many ways) extraordinary. I hope and pray that what happens in Abergavenny will become the norm in every ordinary parish the whole world over.

Nick Gale, June 2010

22 Bright the vision.WAV

Bright the vision that delighted

once the sight of Judah’s seer.

11 Before the throne.WAV

Before the throne of God above

17 Pantyfedwen.WAV

You did the mighty deed (Pantyfedwyn)

19 O God you search me.WAV

O God, you search me and you know me.

28 Now thank we all.WAV

Now thank we all our God (Nun Danket)

7 How Great thou art.WAV

How great Thou art.

When the Roll is called.WAV

When the roll is called up yonder, I’ll be there.

Bring Forth the Kingdom.WAV

Bring forth the kingdom (Marty Haughan)


The Beatitudes

Christ be our Light.WAV

Christ, be our Light (Bernadette Farrell)

Here I am Lord.WAV

Here I am, Lord (I, the Lord of sea and sky)

Let All Mortal Flesh.WAV

Let all mortal flesh keep silence (Picardy)


I heard a welcome voice (Gwahoddoad)

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